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The Crystal Plumage are a group of fiercely sworn Washington based Composers, who shun conventional music where it stands, and do it with style and glee to burn. Working in the Music Department for hundreds of Television Programs, they have scored thousands of music cues, used in countless programs spanning all known genres, styles, and then some.
The groups passion is working in unconventional music forms. Blending styles like edgy Dramatic and Ambient elements together to create original, pure atmosphere with dark instinct that's alive in the dark corners of our imagination. Music that has teeth flared, and hell to pay. Atmosphere that readily promotes fear, evil, tension, foreboding notions, and unnerved claustrophobic decisions that you know never end well. Insane elements, that when matched to your image, are purely meant scare the hell out of your audience or drive your vision home like nothing else out there. There is always a secondary focus of producing sheer bad-ass, no nonsense, high impact promo music as well. Music that is stripped down to raw impact and straight to the point, with the occasional ludicrously fun cartoon Easter Egg thrown in or at cha with musicianship on full tilt.
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