Pond5 Exclusive Video Artist Benefits

Receive higher royalties, extra marketing, greater control, and more value for your work.
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Buyers place a premium on content that can’t be widely found. That makes video that can only be purchased on Pond5 worth significantly more. By selling your video exclusively through Pond5, you’ll be protecting its value and maximizing its worth.

On Pond5, you set your own prices, and as an Exclusive Video Artist, you’ll also earn a 60% royalty rate – twice as much as competing sites. Plus, if you choose to participate in our Global Partnership Program, your work can still be distributed through multiple marketplaces, including Adobe Stock and Vimeo Stock. No other marketplace gives you this degree of control over where and how your work is sold.

Pond5 Exclusive Video Artists also benefit from exclusive programs designed to spotlight their content — including prominent branding for buyers to easily find and identify your work, unique positioning in our sales channels, and high-profile features in Pond5 marketing and promotions.

Review all the benefits below, and get started as an Exclusive Video Artist today!

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Pond5 Exclusive Artists

Non-Exclusive Artists

Pond5 Exclusive Branding in Search Results
Industry-Leading Revenue Share
Curation Time for New Uploads
3 Days or Less
5 Days or Less
Participation in Exclusive Artist Marketing & Awareness Programs
24/7 Artist Account Management & Support
Yes - Priority
Yes - Standard
Participation in Traditional Marketing & Awareness Programs
Additional Revenue Through Pond5 Partnership Programs
Equal Ranking Preference in Search Results
Ability to Set Your Own Prices


Interested in becoming a Pond5 exclusive video artist?

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Have questions about this program? Contact us at exclusive@pond5.com.


Why should I become an exclusive video artist?

Many artists are struggling with industry dynamics that commoditize and severely undercut the value of their work through low-value pricing deals. As a Pond5 contributor, you protect that value by setting your own prices and deciding which programs you participate in. Plus, as an exclusive video contributor, you’ll earn an increased 60% royalty on all sales.

What content is considered exclusive?

We consider content exclusive if it is not uploaded to or available for sale on any other marketplace. You can still continue to use your Pond5 exclusive content for your own purposes and sell and promote it directly on your own personal sites and channels.

How will exclusive artists be promoted in marketing?

  • All exclusive content will be prominently branded on search results so buyers can easily identify it. As the program gets underway, we will also enable users to filter for exclusive content.
  • Our global sales organization will provide all buyers options to license both exclusive and non-exclusive content.
  • Pond5 buyers will receive regular emails promoting curated collections of new exclusive content. We will also promote the artist, their work and inspiration via social media, our blog, and emails to our customers.
  • Videos promoted on the home page, and in curated collections, social media and broader communications will be biased towards exclusive artists.

How can I take advantage of this program as an existing Pond5 artist?

Just click the “Get Started” button to begin the process of setting up your portfolio as an exclusive artist.

What if I have content on other marketplaces, but I want to join this program?

You can still join the program today. We’ve built in a two-week buffer period to allow you to remove your content from other marketplaces. Be sure to select the grace period option when you sign up if this is the case.

What if I do not want to be an exclusive artist?

Artists who choose to remain Non-Exclusive may continue to distribute on any other marketplace, while still controlling their prices on Pond5. You can also be assured that this will have no impact on your rank in the Pond5 search results.

Where can I find the updated Contributor Agreement?

All details relating to this program can be found in the updated Contributor Agreement here.

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