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Our Standard License now offers the highest level of protection in the industry. With an Extended License, you can purchase even more indemnification, more accessibility between users, and greater merchandising options.

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Highest Levels of Protection

Our Standard License offers the highest amount of indemnification in the industry.

More Collaboration

Part of a large creative team? Independent freelancer? We offer a range of seats depending on your needs.

Global and Perpetual

From regional television to global movie releases, our video clips are available for worldwide use in perpetuity.

Our Licensing Options

Can be used worldwide and in perpetuity.*


The highest standard coverage is included with your purchase


An excellent value


Total protection for all your needs


Up to $15K

Up to $250K

Up to $1M





Number of Productions




Merchandise / Printed Use

Printed use up to 500K copies

Unlimited printed use, print resale, and digital resale

Unlimited printed use, print resale, and digital resale

Item Price +$149
Item Price +$299
*Licenses apply to commercial video, images, illustrations, AE, and 3D files. Indemnification not included for Editorial, Music, SFX, and Public Domain.
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