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My name is Alex I'm 30, I come from Sicily (a small region of southern Italy).

When I was a child I liked to play with the camera to my cousin and I tried always angles such,characteristics and effect that could emphasize the photographed subject. I started to "work"and very interested in the video world since 2007, when my girlfriend gave me a small digital camera that can shoot video, from that moment, I am passionate about more and more andmore and more I have invested money and time this hobby.

I have visited many countries, both on foot and by car as Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Rep. Ceka , Egypt, France.

I traveled in complete autonomy and budget and planning routes. I speak a medium level of English that allows me to know the main terms on the production Photo / video and workindependently and with other foreign colleagues. I am adaptive person to the difficulties when iam on the go.

I really love the reportage that tells stories of high social impact. My real and true report of the commission was in Egypt during the demonstrations in Tahrir Square in 2011. I lived in Egypt for 1 month.
In recent years I studied photography equipment and investing in cultural education.
My aspiration is to become a embedded videoperator turn my hobby into work.

In my "shop" you can find footage of:
• Naturalistic
• Architecture
• Events from my country, Sicily.

I offer assistance to videographers who wish to take video / photo in my country. providing them with the best landscapes, monuments and events of the Sicilian culture.

Contact me for a CV or to make a project work internationally or even contact me to say hello.

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