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Robert Ja Provost
Videos are composed with a great shot in mind. We select concepts with commercial or entertainment value,various angles,focus and distance give results that can be used in a variety of projects.Thanks to http://www.Studioseven7films .com for using some of our acoustic music on their advertising video (Warren Chair Works).Also check their Selene Hollow web series, coming soon. Attention is the most important commodity on the web,getting your video noticed and making it popular demands a high quality music bed. Recording and mixing in every song we produce has to have a voice,strong performance and excellent recording technique.Mixing can profoundly affect its balance,drive,resonance and tone.Atomic Junction studios has all the professional hardware and software tools to meet these expectations.The techniques we have developed will increase clarity,smoothness,impact and drive,depending on the music.Robert Ja Provost is the all-around composer and sound designer.We feel our original compositions could work in every format available,including film,commercials,games,presentations,web video,audio books and TV productions.The music we produce will give you a sound and competitive edge in the media markets for your projects.Experiance with a eye to the future,we have a desire to help you be successful in your productions. See our videos on Youtube showing film clips and music, by clicking the website link. google: atomicjunction cd. Also you can hear songs on CBC radio3,search artist Robert Ja Provost. Thanks for listening(and reading). Enjoy our music . Robert Provost.