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Company NameFried Egg Films
LocationKey West
Member Since21 Mar 2012
I was a literary agent, with Otitis Media Literary in Minneapolis, MN for five years. Yeah, my boss had a great sense of humor. He retired and the agency closed in 2000.
I've been a filmmaker since 2004. My first short, Lilah & the Alien, won a A.C.E award for acting at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival that same year. I've written and/or produced docs, shorts, pilots, PSA's, a critcally acclaimed webseries, and am now in post on my first feature film, Finley Wade.
In April of 2012, I moved from Tucson, AZ to Key West, Florida. Island life has made me lazy. When I'm not biking down to Schooner Wharf Bar for happy hour, I'm writing screenplays or working on script analysis. Recently, I added stock footage to my repertoire.
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