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About Me
Sony FDR AX100E
GoPro Hero 3+
Canon 6D
Canon 550E

Additional camera equipment:
MP-360 Camranger motorized head,
Mindarin Astro motorized time lapse panorama head
and else

Hello World,
what are you looking for?
Welcome to my portfolio
Here i present samples of my wide range of topics in footage video. Let me first say, ... videography is my hobby and passion. I spend nearly every day several hours with creating or editing footage. Nevertheless i won't call it my business. It's a passion to beware and share moments.
Although footage requests are usually short clips with max. 10 to 15 seconds i self don't really like cutting. So if you need clips with longer duration please don't hesitate to ask me. A lot of my time lapse clips are shooted in one long duration video file.

Use the collections tab above to get an overview about my several collections and topics of footage.
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