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LocationManila, Philippines
Member Since15 May 2009
While our work is diverse, one might notice that our projects are marked by a common thread. We value the Essential. All the elements are thought out and are there for a reason. We like it clean- where there are no unnecessary additions, only enhancements. We want people to see beauty that is already there- there’s no need to embellish it, or create something artificial.

This is why we love shooting Aerials- to show people the beauty that exists around them. We enjoy giving people a fresh perspective on their own vicinity.

We also love filming underwater- which allows audiences to dive into an alien world, both strange and beautiful. We have filmed deep inside jungles as well, to capture the untamed life that dwells in there.

Another favorite subject would be people, culture and places. There are just so many stories to tell, and we enjoy being a part of telling them.
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