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Asheville, North Carolina
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Spencer Black
Spencer Black’s addiction to photography began on a stormy night back in 2007 while camping on Table Rock Mountain, North Carolina. That night there was a huge forest fire on the eastern horizon. He decided to take a thirty second exposure of the mountainous fiery landscape and during that time lightning struck unexpectedly in the center of the frame. The tripod leg slowly sank during the exposure and the image was blurred and ruined. The lightning was short lived that night there was not a second opportunity for the shot. Regardless, after he saw what came out on the LCD screen, an addiction was born and it's a high he has been chasing ever since. Getting to play with time as a raw material as well as the element of surprise when he sees the final image is what inspires him as a photographer. He is particularly compelled towards long exposure and time-lapse photography because the camera is seeing in a manner in which the human eye cannot. While his camera gathers light, sometimes for hours, he does not mind just staring off into a starry night sky, thinking about the big questions of life life; like, why is the pinky considered a finger but Pluto is not a planet? Spencer Black presently lives and works in Asheville, North Carolina.