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Company NameWrongwaylamb Photography
Location5219 E. Brockwood St. Long Beach CA 90808
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2011 was a great year. Spending 100 days doing Natural History tours from Pt. Loma into the Sea of Cortez with all the sea life. Then another 135 days with Scripps Oceanography Institue. Which started again at Pt. Loma to Panama and through the canal and onward to Barbados,Plume of the Amazon, French Guyana and back o Barbados and then to Port Elizabeth South Africa and to Durban South Africa. What a year!!!!!!!!!!! Home in time for the Holidays and seems to just have enough time to edit and upload to Pond5.

2012 starts with me on 3/24 with Scripps again to Australia, Phillipines and possibly Tawain. Haven't figure out yet on just exactly what I want to film there. Guess I'll just wait and see what's instore for me.

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