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Mikita Maksimchyk
Nikita Maksimchik – guitarist, teacher, laureate of the Republican and International competitions , winner of the Special Presidential Fund of talented young people of Belarus.
Born in 1985 in Minsk He started playing the guitar at the age of 6 (the first teacher Yury Kurilovich) then he studied at Music School (teacher Valery Gromov) the Music College of Glinka (teacher Pavel Belsky), a graduate from the Belarusian State Academy of Music , the class of professor Euvgeny Gridushko.
At the age of 12 as a duet performer took part in the International competition of performers of classical guitar “Guitarilla- 97” in Poland, Pshemysle, where he became a diplomant. Participating in republican and international festivals and contests in Austria , Belgium, Poland, the Check Republic, Russia and Ukrainia he was taught by such well-known musicians and teachers as Marcin Dylla (Poland), Judicael Perroy (France), Thibault Cauvin (France), Thomas Offerman (Germany), Kurt Rodarmer(USA), Aleksander Frauchi (Russia), Aldo Rodriguez (Cuba), Igor Rekhin (Russia), Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey(Spain), etc.
In 2005-2009 he became a laureate of the International competition “Rennaisance of the Guitar”(Gomel, Belarus), First prize; International competition “Virtuosos of the Guitar” in St. Petersburg (Russia),Third Prize; International competition of guitarists in Olshtyn, Poland, First Prize; International competition of performers the classical guitar in Belgorod (Russia),First Prize; International competition of John Duart (Rust, Austria) Second Prize, International competition of performers classical guitar in Krynitsa (Poland)First prize.
The performances of the musician were held in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Austria.
He taught at Music School 14, Minsk State Music College of Glinka and gave private guitar lessons in Moscow.
As electro guitarist and composer together with a bassist Evgeny Filatov Nikita Maksimchik is a participant of the project Scream of Butterfly.
He has about 2 hours of Studio Recordings.