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HD Footage Shot on Canon 7D

Food,Beverage & Seaview
Small Green Chilli Peppers-Padron Peppers VideoThe Oranges Pyramid VideoColorful Chilli Peppers& Small Green Chilli Peppers VideoKiwi,Strawberries&Seaview VideoHands,Blender,Strawberry Juice and a Seaview Video

Trains,Tunnels & Railtracks
Crossing The Tunnel VideoTrain,Traffic and Bridge VideoTrain and  Grafitti Wall VideoThe Old Countryside Railroad VideoWalk Along The Old Countryside Railroad Video

Swimming-Pool & Flip-Flops
Water&Swimming-Pool Sideview VideoSwimming-Pool Water in Very Fast Motion VideoSwimming-Pool Water in Fast Motion VideoFlip-Flops at the Swimming-Pool VideoSwimming-Pool and Blue Flip-Flops Video

Seaview Stone Window & Activities
Bird Flight by the Beach Framed In A Small Stone Window VideoA Stone View To The Sea VideoRoller-Skating By The Sea Framed In A Stone Window VideoWoman Walking By The Beach,Framed in a Stone Outdoor Window VideoMountain Bike By The Beach Framed In A Stone Window Video

Golf & Ducks
Ducks' Shake On The Green VideoOn The Golf Green VideoDucks Neck Turn On The Green VideoSink The Putt VideoWindy Golf Green and Lake View Video

Wild Animals
Buffalo Awareness VideoZebra's Bathroom VideoBuffalo Relaxing Afternoon VideoZebras Lunch Time VideoBambi Tender Look Video

Candles & Light
Small White Candles in a Wood Box VideoPerpendicular View of Small White Circular Candles in Wood Box VideoClose-Up of Candles Flames VideoLighting the Candles VideoBlowing the candles close-up Video

Roller-Skater & Water Fountain
Roller-Skater Bench Jump and Water Fountain VideoRoller-Skater Falling from Bench Behind Water Fountain VideoRoller-Skater Jump and Water Fountain Video

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