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About myself I can write the following: I Was born in 1977 on January, 12th in Russia. My city not big and silent. At school, in an initial class I have found the book "Nuclear nut" after which perusal I have started to invent a time machine)))) Me was carried away by all unusual and secret!!! Once I have looked one film where by means of sounds and a melody opened pass to space between the worlds. I had a thought something to think up with a sound wave. Has bought my first synthesizer "Youth - 21", the Soviet polyphonic synthesizer. Here my travel to the music world also has begun with this moment. I will tell still, that I do not love a format in music because individuality of the musician is lost! I write different music, but basically it is easy melodious and atmospheric. Since 2010 I work on midi-controller PCR-800. I will be glad to all and pleasant flight on labyrinths of wave fluctuations!
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