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About Me
First of all I want to thank everyone for taking the time of stopping by my site, I am very pleased by having you here!

The Beginning
Everything started in 1997 when I purchased my first camcorder with great sacrifice and started to record videos as a hobby, I always dreamed on doing video production, I just didn't have the resources to develop my passion at that time.
After recording videos for 13 years as a hobby and getting good feedback from people that viewed my videos, it was until the year of 2010 when I finally founded ECACE Productions.

Currently I am the CEO / President of this young company and I am very confident that with hard work, dedication and professionalism it will become one of the most successful video producing companies in the Chicago Land Area.

Mission Statement:
Taking digital pictures on your every day life and special occasions is awesome, but bringing them to life with video is Price less!

Thank You,
Edgar Diaz