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Scott Carlin
LocationDenver, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Ballyvourney
Member Since1 Jul 2009
I am proud to be a Pond5 Ambassador. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Videographer based in Peoria, Arizona. My specialties include cityscapes (Denver and Phoenix), transportation, time-lapse, slow motion, extreme weather and the natural world, all in HD and 4K resolution. See collections below for specific collections of footage.
Video and time-lapse footage credits include:
Feature Film:
"Baytown Outlaws" (Feature Film, 2012, Billy Bob Thornton, Eva Longoria)
"Across The Water in Time" (Documentary) - Jillette Leon-Guerrero

20/20 Barbara Walters Special "Heaven"
Discovery Channel: "How Will The World End?"
Discovery Channel: "Meth Nation"
History Channel: "101 Inventions That Changed The World"
Travel Channel - "Mysteries at the Museum"
The Weather Channel: "AMHQ"

Colorado Convention Center - Promotional Video
My Forever - The World Won't Wait (Music video) National Advertising Campaign
Phoenix Valley GMC Dealers Advertising Campaign
Colorado HealthOp Advertising Campaign
Groove Automotive Advertising Campaign
VUSE National Advertising Campaign
ANGA National Advertising Campaign
Peg Brantley "Red Tide" - Book Video Trailer

If you have special requests, questions, or opportunities, please contact me.
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