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About Me
Paul Fredericks is a music educator from Seymour,Connecticut. He has been teaching private lessons since 2006 and has his Bachelors of Music with a focus on education from The University of Bridgeport. Paul has received many accolades for his achievements in the music world, has studied with some of the greats (such as James Moody), attended classes at Yale University, as well as volunteered as an assistant teacher at his former high school; Cooperative Arts And Humanities High School in New Haven, CT. Not only does Paul have experience teaching in the traditional setting, but he is well-versed in the ways of public and professional performance. He has been teaching since the tender age of sixteen; It was then that he realized his deep-seeded love and passion for it. Paul’s main areas of expertise include (but are not limited to) Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums/Percussion. If you were to ask him if he could ever seen himself doing anything else, he’d tell you no. Paul Fredericks’ main goal in life is to mold the world’s youth through the power of music. He hopes to be a helping hand in fostering children’s enthusiasm for the arts, to show his students the beauty of music and all it has to offer them.

Al audio files I upload are high quality Wave files with a sample rate of 192,000 Hz, a 24 bit depth, un-dithered, and a bit rate of 9216 kbps