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When I started making stock footage in 2007 the market was very different from now. Few big brands like Corbis, Getty and Artbeats used to sell 10 seconds video for at least 500$ and contributors were only Factories, because the equipment to produce high quality material was so expensive to let a single videomaker be in the competion. After few years everything changed: 5 or 6 new web-based agencies have become leaders in the industry, and most of the videos are now produced by individual filmakers, after 2.000 euros professional full HD camera, Canon Eos 5d mark II, went on sale for the first time in 2008. In the meanwhile, some smart filmaker started selling cloudscape time lapse made in 15 minutes and still earns from that thousands of euros every year, because of the search engine priority that some old top selling file has, but even if those good times have completely finished because prices are lowering and competition is getting stronger, there are still some failed artist like me trying to have their revenge by being a stock footage producer.
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