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Providing a variation of hd stock video footage for editors to use in multimedia, video projects of all types. HD stock footage is starting to gain popularity due to the advent and proliferation of high definition videos online and in the media from HDTV shows to blockbuster movies. If you're looking for stock videos, there are of course is free stock footage and video clips you pay for for various rights. The bad thing about free stock video footage is that it's not always of the highest quality. Paying a little goes a long way. Hence, the relevance of Pond5 and a new market for videographers to make money online with their HD video clips online.

In time, we'll try to bring you epic scenes like aerial, explosion and even fire stock footage and muzzle flash effects for your green screen projects. These will be much better than the free public domain clips you'll find and be competitively priced. We'll try to be a nice balance between quality, price and variety. Hopefully, we'll be able to build a video footage library that will be your go-to for random shots and video clips of all kinds form news to sports or city to pre keyed stock videos for you to quickly and easily download for use in your next project.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our clips and find some stock video footage that is to your liking.