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About Me
I am a retired Sr. Clinical Programmer, Polysulfide Engineer, Credit and Banking SAS Programmer, and High school Math, Chemistry, and Computer Science Teacher. Ok that was a mouth full, so in a word—I am a Hack (That’s spelled with a capital ‘H’). Lately, I have been dabbling in 3d graphics as a vehicular tool for documenting certain historically biblical truths. I am working on a website; however, it is currently under heavy construction. I will list the website when it is near completion.

I don’t really count myself an artist, and I am sure that there are many who will readily agree. Artists are highly creative and imaginative people who fall well outside the bounds of “normal” individuals. They come up with eloquent, insightful, and/or thought provoking sensory manna. I am just a plane humble technical illustrator—give me a set of instructions and I can make anything.

Currently I have submitted a 20 member 10 commandment sapphire video clip collection. I have written a interesting metafile to accompany this collection that explains and documents the clip collection (however I have not found where to upload this file or how to attach it to this collection); for this collection tends to provoke questions.

I am looking forward to adding more collections and singles in the not too distance future.