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I´m 3D Artist/Character Animator and hobby photo-/cinematographer for almost 26 years.
As a photo- /videographer, I mostly capture the beauty of nature and landscapes, but I´m open for all and everything.

Every footage is either filmed with a Canon EOS 7D in FullHD or HD and a Panasonic Lumix GH4 in 4K and/or FullHD.

Also check, whether there´s an unmodified version of a desired clip without recompression and straight out of the camera(s).

Some of my clips are filmed in "flat", "superflat" or "Cinema Dynamic" mode, to give you the most dynamic range for color grading and compositing.

What I also can offer:

- uncompressed version of nearly any clip
- 5K image sequences of my timelapses
- every clip with a higher datarate
- dozens of clips, which aren´t online yet

If you have a special wish, just drop me a mail to
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