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About Me
I’m an audio engineer, musician, photographer and lighting cameraman with several decades experience.

In the 1980s and 1990s I shot and edited corporate video using various tape formats including: Betacam, U-Matic and MII. That was of course in the days of three machine edits suites with hardware sound and vision mixers; well before PC editing became a viable proposition!

I have been a photographer for more years than I can remember and most recently I’ve been running a commercial recording studio in Greece.

I am passionate about audio and video quality and strive for perfection, ‘good enough’ isn’t part of my vocabulary.

I shoot time lapse videos with a Nikon D700 and D80 cameras using a variety of lenses from 17mm to 750mm both in the studio and on location and 1080p HD videos with a top of the range Panasonic 3CCD video camera.

In my acoustically treated soundproof studio I use high quality Neumann and Sennheiser microphones through either a Focusrite ISA220 session pack or a Spirit 328 digital mixer.

An RME Digiface routes signals into the computer. Apart from the excellent post processing facilities and third party plug-ins in Logic Audio, I also use various wav editors for fine-tuning and top and tailing files.

Location recordings are with a Zoom H4 and external microphones.

My websites include:
Kymatasound studio
Crete photography