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About Me
Garret Maguire
Camera op for nearly 20 years now, shoot on DVCPRO25/50 and DVCPROHD. All my stock shots so far are SD but now adding more HD clips to my bins.

My 4:3 SD footage was shot on a Panasonic 700E DVCPRO25 Camera
My 16:9 SD footage was shoot on both Panasonic 610 and 900 DVCPRO25/50 Cameras
My HD footage is shot on a Canon 5D MkII and Panasonic HPX500 P2HD Camera.

Edit on Avid AdrenalineHD and Adobe premiere CS4.

I check my stock clips on the Avid, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro platforms.
I'm available to shoot any required stock here in Ireland or Europe just send me a site mail.