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Marcia Murphy
Since 1988, RAB-BYTE has been creating animation openings and closings that complements your production. Available in English as well as in the Spanish language, the RAB-BYTE style has increased the value and interest of video productions across the globe; from the professional to the hobbyist. Our customers keep coming back for more."

RAB-BYTE Animation is a library designed for the Wedding and Special Events Videographer as well as Schools, Hobbyists, Sport Producers, just to mention a few. Wedding titles cover everything from the morning of the wedding right through to the honeymoon and recap. Special events such as anniversaries, birthdays, school gatherings, sports, plays, dance recitals, digital scrapbooking for photos and videos, home movies, slide show transactions & backgrounds, Baptismal and Bar and Bat Mitzvah are just the tip of the iceberg.