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Vienna, Austria
About Me
Wolfgang Amri
I´m a professional photographer and videographer living in Vienna, Austria. Together with my wife Birgit and two employees I run Amriphoto, a photo, video and motion graphics agency.

Birgit and I studied sports science before we entered the creative fields as graphics designers. As a consequence to our clients continuous amazement after looking at our photographic work, I took the austrian federal exam as a photographer in 2008 and since then we solely work as photographers and videographers.

Using all the experience we gathered changing our careers driven by creativity, we are able to combine graphic, photographic and videographic needs in an unsual and creative manner. Our background as sports scientists give us a high level of endurance and coordination. Anticipating the motion of athletes when shooting, Skiing with a steadicam, diving in waters with strong currents or shooting a complete day in the hot desert sand make our hearts beat faster. But never too fast to loose concentration or motivation.

Striving for the best possible result we use steadicam, cranes, jibs, dollies - whatever it takes to get the picture in our head onto a memory card or harddrive.

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you need creative yet sometimes crazy minds.