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Milford, CT USA
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Noel Burke...
was raised and enlightened musically,during the early days of Beatles rock and roll and always looked to classic and timeless songwriters throughout his own journey as a musician, guitarist and songwriter for songwriting inspiration. Performing in various bands his early years up and down the East Coast of the U.S. and playing all styles of pop, R&B, rock and blues. It became clear early on, that his preferred tool for crafting original songs would always be an acoustic guitar. Originally known primarily as a 'utility' guitarist for his ability to fill in on any given style that was required of him, Noel learned to form highly original two and three part arrangements that always carried a distinctly acoustic, melodic and percussive sound that matured into his current unique signature sound that we hear today. Noel's primary focus is to continue writing music in the early pop tradition.

Here you will find nearly completed, full length songs - mostly pop/rock - ready to go with your lyrics/vocals and some additional lead/instrumental parts you can add to the quality MP3's... or use these tracks for commercial, broadcast or other media outlets... something for everyone and I can write something specifically for you if you contact me directly. My rates are very reasonable and I guarantee you will be delighted with your ideas - brought to life through the songwriting process. My focus is writing for Scarface Betty these days - but I always have time to hear from you... so drop me a line!