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Robert Howard

Company NameOrbit Creative
Member Since28 May 2008
Working in advertising as a Graphic designer and Copywriter since 1984. Shooting stock footage since 2005.
Dual citizenship. Canadian and British (EEC) passports.

Connect with me on Linked-in. Custom footage available on request.

New for 2012! London and Paris footage:
London 2012
Blue Bridge in St James’s Park. London, UK. VideoSt Pauls Cathedral with zebra crossing in the foreground. London, England. VideoTravelling by train in the UK. Beautiful spring day. VideoLondon luxury apartments. VideoEurostar in Kent, UK. Video
Paris 2012
Eiffel Tower from Metro train. VideoTuileries Garden. VideoParis street. VideoEurostar in France approaching Chunnel. VideoEiffel Tower. Timelapse. Video

Orbit Creative "Best of" Videos:
Best of 2012
Burning the candle at both ends. VideoAir Canada plane landing. VideoHarrods at night. Timelapse. 25fps. VideoTelephone Box at night. Timelapse. 25fps. VideoYoung American Robin. Video
Best of 2011
Time-lapse laptop. Stop motion effect. VideoMegaphone timelapse. Black and white. VideoPresentation with copyspace. VideoPorthole. VideoPalm tree. Video
Best of 2010
G20 Toronto. Burning police car. VideoRed neon background. VideoSpooky girl mannequin. VideoRobin eats berries. VideoSpooky boy mannequin. Video
Best of 2009
Snowy cliff face. VideoTraffic next to river. VideoPigeons feeding in 'ORGANICS' bin. VideoFlutist. VideoRed tractor and field. Video
Best of 2008
A-10 Thunderbolt does 4-point roll VideoGorgeous fall drive. VideoCloseup of sparkling water & lime slice VideoAbandoned Factory. Timelapse. Blk&white. Video‘H’ is for Hospital. Timelapse clouds. Video

Here are the keys. SD. VideoWoman at computer nodding off.  VideoPresentation. 3 points. VideoHealthcare worker. VideoWoman at computer. Crossed eyes. SD. Video
Call center. VideoStudio singer.  VideoSexy singer. Part 2 of 2. SD. VideoSinger in profile. VideoMedical gloves. SD. Video
Megaphone man. Sped-up shot. VideoMan on tincan phone. 1 of 2. VideoBusinessman. Hear no evil. VideoMegaphone man. Timelapse. VideoGoing into big meeting. Video

Sunset over the city. Timelapse. VideoRed church candles. VideoGolden sunset. VideoAutumn tree. VideoPink sunset clouds. Timelapse. Video
Toad gags eating its own skin! VideoRotating skull. Black and white. VideoMoonlit water. Wide shot. VideoLong curving road. Spooky. VideoAbandoned hospital. Video
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