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Robert Howard

Company NameOrbit Creative
Member Since28 May 2008
Working in advertising as a Graphic designer and Copywriter since 1984. Shooting stock footage since 2005.
Dual citizenship. Canadian and British (EEC) passports.

Connect with me on Linked-in. Custom footage available on request.

New for 2012! London and Paris footage:
London 2012
Queens guards military band. FootageMontmartre streets. FootageTower of London with tourists FootageEurostar in Kent, UK. FootageWe apologize for any inconvenience caused. Footage
Paris 2012
Eiffel Tower Base. FootageElectric cars in Paris. FootageTaxi. FootageEurostar in French countryside. FootageEiffel Tower. Timelapse. Footage

Orbit Creative "Best of" Videos:
Best of 2012
Telephone Box at night. Timelapse. 29.97fps. FootageBurning the candle at both ends. FootageAutumn waterfall. Vertical. FootageLondon buses timelapse. 29.97fps. Footage30 St Mary Axe and offices. Footage
Best of 2011
Scary winter landing. FootageRainy suburban window. FootageDesert island shoreline. FootageEast coast beach. FootageGolden beach sunset. Footage
Best of 2010
Sunset through windy trees. FootageIndustrial crucifix. Timelapse clouds. FootageFreight car connection. FootageCargo ship at dock. Timelapse. FootageSpooky boy mannequin. Footage
Best of 2009
Misty skyscrapers. Gotham city style. FootageBuddha by the lake. FootageBusinessman by the lake. FootageMisty skyscrapers. FootageSnail on camera lens! Footage
Best of 2008
Busy intersection time lapse. Downtown Toronto. FootageDefocused lights. Wet car window. FootageConstruction cranes. Timelapse shot. FootageHummingbird. FootageBee on flower. Footage

Woman reading laptop. Wide. SD. FootageHere are the keys. SD. FootagePresentation. Picture. SD. FootageHealthcare worker. SD. FootageGrowing business. SD. Footage
Nurse with test results. SD. FootageCall center. SD. FootageNurse with test results. FootageSinger in profile. FootageModel gets made up. SD. Footage
Twiddling thumbs. FootageBusinessman at the beach. FootageBusinessman eats apple. FootageMan bangs head against wall. FootageBusinessman. Speak no evil. Footage

Morning palm trees. FootageCottage sunset. Two shots. FootageGolden sunset. FootageView from the tent.  FootageGolden sunset. Timelapse clouds. Footage
Scary winter landing. FootageStorm clouds. Timelapse. FootageHighschool hallway. Slow zoom. FootageDead bird. FootageSpooky trees and sky. 1 of 2. Footage
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