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Canadian Composer Mario Pompetti is an artist with 16 CDs released, & producer of 35 cds,,and is well known as a heavy weight in film scoring and music production for Film and TV. His tracks are playing in over 30 movies -- so his music is beautiful and enticing, or dark and scary as Hell,His guitar skills are feature in many of his tracks,or complexe, acid,jazz,to classical films scores to ,indie and vintage rock,something for all kind film projects/
All his tracks here at pond are over 3 minutes ,so they are very easy to edit to video projects.
Placements of his music in used on MTV,& other networks & films world wide. Trescuatrotres, la filosofía del fútbol tv ad in south America used track, Acoustic What You Say. Deep Water, Part 6 – Mexico,video on vimo,used track Adios Latino Dance.Vice tv Africa's Moonshine Epidemic program used Cannibal. Mtv Sex News And Rock Roll,used one of his best known tracks, Yes I Can Canabis ,Mtv, program Cocktales used Lil Joy Ryder & Dont F With Me.Teen Wolf used his rock jazz fusion track Metropolitain.Why am I still single,tv show used ,his latest hit
Left You for My Friends. E News Daily,used his jazz track, High Tide. Tv show no kitchen required,used one of his top tracks, El Paso How You Hurt Me.Tv Show American Gypsies ,used his most popular tracks this year Gypsy Moonlight,same track also used in three tv soap operas in Kuwait ,ozcan deniz & Havin ep 38 pt 3.
American Gypsies also used Tijuana Sunset. Real Housewives of Atlanta tv show used Montreal Jazzy Nights .Five time winner at Make A Star,last win with his rock track , I'm So Confused When You're Gone.Mario pompetti also known on the club music scene fpr past ten years as mellowman,he has team up with LiL LuLu ,Wolf & Lamb, released this year hottest 12inch vinyl Wolf lamb weekend affair feat LiLLuLu & Mellowman. Release on wolf & lamb records New York.

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