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Robert Astleford

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Company NameAlphaWebIncDotCom
LocationRichmond, VA
Member Since15 Nov 2010
Thanks for stopping by and listening to my music!
I like to make organic music with traditional instruments and sounds, and tend to steer away from repetitive static patterns. Every time a melody line or passage comes along, there’s just a slightly different nuance that makes it “feel real”. There’s something really different between a session that was tracked, and a session that was arranged or sequenced, and I only do the latter. Every synth and guitar is played in realtime by me. I do not “quantize” my tracks, I just keep doing takes until I’m satisfied. If you need something created let me know. Please let me know how I’m doing by hitting me up by hitting the send a message button.
Anything that has to do with creating, shaping or capturing sound fascinates me. The possibility of folks using my music to enhance their projects makes it all that much better! I started out taking organ lessons as a kid. From there I branched out to guitar, but my solid musical foundation comes from all my keyboard playing. I recently picked up some gear and have been pouring out years worth of melodies from my head into these songs you see here. Just so you know, I write songs about what’s going on around me and I pour everything into them.
I was told once by my Dad that “He who loves his job will never go to work again.” With that in mind I haven’t been to work in at least 13 years. =)
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