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Steve Byland
I spent 25 years doing jobs that I didn't enjoy. Now, having lost my latest job I am finally listening to what my high school guidance counselor told me over and over – “Do something you love!”

I try to capture something special in the photos I take. I hope that they can be "conversation pieces." When my photos make other people smile (or even laugh out loud), I know I have been successful.

People ask me if I digitally altered certain photos to put the birds or animals into the picture. The answer is, "No, I'm too lazy to do that." Instead, I try to draw the animal to me and often into a situation that makes me laugh, such as getting a Hummingbird to drink sugar water from a straw rather than from a standard feeder.

I've very picky about what I do and patient enough to take the time necessary to "get the shot" that I want. I will spend all day to get the perfect shot, if that's what it takes.

Almost every day, someone will look at one of my photos and remark that they have never seen a Hummingbird, Bald Eagle, etc. That is so sad! It reminds me that I am blessed to have a "job" that allows me to see such things every day.