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Subhash is a pseudonym and the project, with the same name, of russian musician Alexey Avramenko , before also known as AlexAura in various musical projects as bass guitarist, keyboard player and programmer of musical computers. Also, he professional video editor and Apple Final Cut Pro & Logic Studio certificated expert.
Since 2004 Alexey have a long trips to India, for the purpose of training to the technician of play on the Indian bamboo flute - Bansuri. It was trained at schools of great masters Hari Prasad Chaurasia in Mumbaу and Harsh Wardhan in Delhi. Also studied the approach and style of other schools in the cities of Puri and Rishikesh. All this knowledge Subhash applies, playing and writing down solo projects, and also in cooperation with other musicians, constantly experimenting and combining various styles and directions. The basic tendency of these projects - integration of music of the East and the West. The basic mission - add a stream of meditation and sensibleness in surrounding space.