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About Me
'The Right Noises' specialise in Audio Recordings; Stereo Backgrounds, Room Tone, Wild Tracks, Atmospheres and Ambience, as well as specific Spot Fx.

AND NOW NEW... Stereo synthetic tension beds to add musicality and depth to your mix!

Find a small selection of beds and backgrounds here, pulled from a collection of more than 500gb of Recorded Sound from all over the world covering categories from Airports to Zoos via Bars, Beaches, Cemeteries and Parks, Fun Fairs, Street Sounds, Supermarkets, Theatre Audiences... I could go on and on.

All are 24 bit and either 44.1 or 48Khz recordings unless otherwise stated.

If something catches your ear and you need more of it or something similar, the chances are that we have it or we can create it for you. Get in touch to discuss custom creations, editing and layering atmospheres and effects.

Contact Pete at: