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Hi there!

I've been a sound effects recordist since 1996. I've worked as a staff audio editor and mixer for Soundelux, HBO, Disney & Discovery.

My sounds have appeared in movies such as Any Given Sunday, Mighty Joe Young, The Waterboy, The Perfect Storm and Instinct among many others.

As for gear, most of the field fx you hear are recorded with a Crown SASS-P. It's hands-down my favorite mic. It has the sensitivity of a condenser, but can handle the sort of spl only a dynamic mic could. It's not exactly stealthy, but it's sound is unmatched. For staged and foley FX, I use a combination of the Neumann Kmr81i (mainly for mono-foley) and both an AKG and Schoeps M/S array for FX recording.

As for recording equipment, I usually use a Wendt 4X field mixer feeding a Fostex FR2-LE with Oade Brothers-modded preamps.

Please check out the descriptions of the FX if you are interested in buying. The previews on here make it very hard to judge the detail of the sounds. I used to record sounds in a "film only" mode which meant every sound needed to be as naked as possible with no interference from room tone, A/C hum, lights etc. As I got more into TV production I realized that alot of the imperfections avoided in film sfx were welcome and necessary with TV fx, especially with M&E creation. While I have tons of ambiences on here, I haven't strayed from putting up "real world" ambiences either. Please read the descriptions if you are wondering about the specific detail in a clip.

If you end up using any of my clips, let me know. I'd love to hear where they were used.

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