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About Me
Troy Kline is a modern day "Swinger-Songwriter," updating his Sinatra/ Nat Cole/ Etta James roots with modern touches ala George Michael and Michael Bublé. Troy sets heartfelt romantic sentiments to crisp, swinging big band stylizations, ventures into sweat-drenched blues club passion, and with conviction returns to that late night cocktail sound he's renowned for. Troy is no stranger to a mic and a room of soon-to be fans! He got his vocal start touring as a lead vocalist in Europe with the Chippendales. Now, many bookworthy adventures later... Ladies and Gentlemen, Troy Kline.

Troy's tracks have been heard on shows including American Pickers, The Blacklist, Club de Cuervos, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Guy Code, Hand of God, Marido En Alquiler (Telenovela) and advertising including Coach Hugo Guiness and Moods Condoms