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Michael Gaughan

Company NameTunesflash
Member Since23 Oct 2012

The work of Tunesflash has been used in a wide variety of productions,they strive to be contemporary,catchy,commercial and sometimes quirky,often full of character but restrained and laid back when appropriate.Featured on every BBC and Commercial channel in the UK and most in the US. Working in the Dramatic, Pop, Rock, Blues, Electronic, and Children's genres, some of their recent clients/credits include Cadbury, HBO, Capital One, Gillette, National Geographic, Domino’s Pizza, and Sky. Kellogg's, Dorothy Perkins, Persil, 02, Mazuma Mobile, Mail on Sunday, Witch Cosmetics, BBC iPlayer, Virgin Media, Hollyoaks Channel 4, BBC1, Discovery, BBC2, and CBBC.

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