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About Me
Hi. My name is Max & I am a musician & producer.

My music has been featured on many major networks in the United States, (Fox Sports, Discovery Channel, CBS, National Geographic & MTV), as well as on the BBC & Sky Sports in the UK. I regularly contribute music for the long running NBC show ‘Access Hollywood’ which is syndicated worldwide, & more recently was honored to provide music for the last ever 'Late Show With David Letterman'.

I also specialize in 'extra long' tracks, for those who don't necessarily have the knowledge or the time to be looping, splicing and remastering three minute tracks just to make them fit a ten minute movie. I have a few tracks here which are well over ten minutes long and I will be uploading more in the near future.

My tracks are produced & mastered to the very highest of industry production standards & is broadcast ready.

So please, enjoy the music, and thanks so much for taking the time to listen.