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About Me
Welcome to WalkingStonesMedia. We are thrilled you’re here!

WalkingStonesMedia is driven to produce music of substance and soul that is contemporary and completely timeless. The trademarks are strong organic grooves with a variety of real acoustic/electric instruments, including guitars and cello. The tracks are organic, deeply evocative, hopeful, and celebratory. We believe in creating music that lifts the soul and evokes a full range of color and emotion.

We believe our production music will touch your audience as well and help you to achieve your goals. Our deepest desire is that our music would inspire your project/cinematic feature film, as that would be the highest culmination of audio and visual creativity, in our world! Hey, we’re just sayin’….

Composer/Producer Joe Scott has lived his life exclusively in the entertainment industry as a performer, composer, arranger, recording artist, producer and audio engineer for over 30 years. He is available as a consultant in the many facets that make up the music industry.