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Wavebreak Media is the No1 Producer of Stock Video in the world with over 45,000 Stock Videos in its independently owned collection.

Wavebreak Media are consistently the highest selling producer of Stock Video across the majority of stock video distribution companies in the world. The company focuses on the absolute highest production values and quality of production possible.

Wavebreak Media specializes in the production of compelling stock video but also boasts one of the largest catalogues of stock images in the world. The company currently has 150,000 wholly owned images in its catalogue. Wavebreak Media are the No1 supplier to many of the world’s largest stock image distributors and also sell direct from on www.wavebreakmedia.com Over 2,000,000 images have been downloaded worldwide from the Wavebreak Media collection.

The library categories include nature, scenery, lifestyles, business concepts and backgrounds. All material is royalty free, broadcast quality and high definition. Industry professionals including film production companies, web designers, graphic artists, art directors and corporate marketing use the products for use in web, broadcast and other new media productions.