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Melbourne, Australia
About Me
Wayweroll Media provides boutique video production services that fulfils a broad range of needs.

Principal director, Nic Kocher has worked as a stills photographer for over 20 years.

The constant delivery to a daily publishing deadline gave Nic a real appreciation for producing quality work, within a very short time frame. You can see Nic’s photography work at www.nickocher.com. You can see a CV and list of recommendations at LinkedIn.

Nic’s takes all the attention to detail that it takes to produce a successful photograph and implements it in his video work.

Wayweroll Media consists of a team of professional editors, sound engineers, writers and other crew that can expand or contract to meet your needs.

Wayweroll Media video client list includes:
• Grand Designs
• Origin Energy
• Melbourne Racing Club
• Guilfoyle Wreckers
• Mary and Max (Adam Elliot’s stop-motion feature film)
• Chemart
• Federal Dept of Health