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Rosario, Argentina
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Sergio Schnitzler
Hi! My name is Sergio Schnitzler. I live in Rosario, Argentina. I’m a royalty free content producer.
Studying a lot of physics at both high school and university gave me the knowledge to understand the behavior of sound and light which result in high standards of work. You will find out that each of my files was carefully edited, avoiding clipping, distortion and abrupt endings. But if you still find an error I will fix it free of charge.
On the other hand, I studied classical music, photography and painting; that gives my work the artistic feel and my music the tidiness on harmony and rhythm you expect to find.
You may also want to contact me for freelance work. Whether you need to cut-out an object from a picture or polish an audio file, I can do it for you. Your company doesn’t have an “audio guy”? Do you need to enhance your pictures? Send me some files and I will give you a sample to demonstrate how much they can be improved.
If you are one of my clients and want me to include both your logo and link in my “Our clients” website section don’t hesitate to contact me and, if you want to, tell me where you have used purchased items.
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