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Nombre de EmpresaMEDIABLIX
UbicaciónHarpswell, Maine
Miembro Desde21 Apr 2007
MEDIABLIX specializes in high-quality VFX and 3d animation. We also maintain a collection of traditional stock footage including people, travel, and time-lapse videos. As producers of content we understand production value, and take pride in consistently delivering high-quality media.

B-2 Stealth Bomber
Stealth Bomber VideoB-2 Stealth Bomber Flyover Pass VideoB-2 with Bunker Buster VideoAir Force VideoB-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Video

Fighter Jets
F18 Squadron (overhead) VideoF-18 Flying above the Clouds Video2 F-18s flying over ocean (Night) VideoStealth Fighters 1 VideoF-18 Squadron and B2 Bomber Video

Unmanned Drones
Predator Drone Fly By with Alpha Channel VideoPredator Drone Flying Pass Over Mountains (CGI) VideoSeek and Destroy VideoDrone at Dawn VideoRQ-170 Video

Barack Obama (American People) VideoBarack Obama (Change) VideoBarack Obama (Unity) VideoBarack Obama (Bush and Cheny) VideoBarack Obama (Iraq War) Video

Satellite VideoSatellite DSP VideoSpace Debris Falls to Earth VideoSpy Satellite VideoDSP Satellite "Spy" (25P) Video

Panning Time-lapses
Winter Landscape VideoSummer in Maine (time lapse) VideoChurch (time-lapse) VideoEnchanted Pond (time-lapse) VideoMystic Cove (pan right) Video

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B-2 Stealth Bomber
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