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Harpswell, Maine
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MEDIABLIX specializes in high-quality VFX and 3d animation. We also maintain a collection of traditional stock footage including people, travel, and time-lapse videos. As producers of content we understand production value, and take pride in consistently delivering high-quality media.

B-2 Stealth Bomber
B-2 Stealth Bomber (4K) FootageF-16 and B-2 Bomber Flying Pass FootageB-2 with Bunker Buster FootageB-2 Bombing FootageWar (4K) Footage

Fighter Jets
F-35B Lightning II FootageF18 Hornet (overhead) FootageF-18 Fighter and B-2 Bomber over clouds FootageRussian Fighter PAK FA T-50 FootageF-16 Fighter Jet Banking Close to the Camera Footage

Unmanned Drones
MQ-1 PREDATOR DRONE FLYING FootagePredator in the Persian Gulf FootageMQ-1 PREDATOR FootageSpace Weapon FootagePredator Drone Footage

Barack Obama (Change) FootageBarack Obama (American People) FootageBarack Obama (Unity) FootageBarack Obama (Status Quo) FootageBarack Obama (Bush and Cheny) Footage

DSP Satellite "Spy" FootageSatellite C.A.L.I.P.S.O. FootageSatellite FootageSatellite DSP FootageDSP Satellite "Spy" (25P) Footage

Panning Time-lapses
Summer in Maine (time lapse) FootageLittle White Church (time-lapse) FootageEnchanted Pond (time-lapse) FootageOne with Nature FootageMystic Cove (pan right) Footage